What is it in a person’s make up that makes them want to be in charge of others and is it a quality that should be revered or feared?

Some people want to lead for constructive reasons like guiding their employees in a direction that will make a successful company or leading a team of volunteers to distribute help to the needy. Some people want to be in power to take control and push their agenda onto others so they can control and manipulate them. Some people are given positions of power so they can help to carry out the agenda of people above them whose task has become too large and needs to be sub-contracted.

There have always been leaders and followers for as far back as history goes and many would argue that this is reason enough for it to continue but I think as we continue to evolve that having people in control is starting to appear old-fashioned and the people in many of these positions are abusing them. Even elected representatives don’t seem to represent the electorate.

Rightly or wrongly I have always tried to have a diplomatic outlook on life and I enjoy feeding off others input. I rarely feel the need to ‘put my foot down’ and try to take control of a situation. I think that I get a kick out of things being unpredictable and I enjoy letting life just carry me along and letting things unfold naturally. I constantly hear from people who think that this approach doesn’t work and that you have to ‘take the bull by the horns’ and drive your life in certain directions to get what you want from it, which is admirable, I guess, but I don’t really “want” anything out of life, per se, I’m just here for the ride. I really can’t see the point in pressuring myself or others to “achieve”. Ultimately we’re all going to die and when we do we’re all equal again so enjoy the bit before you die in whatever way you see fit. A friend recently said to me that I’m like a fly on the wall of life watching it all happen around me. I like that analogy.

Goal driven people seem to have a different outlook. They have life mapped out and have different objectives that they need to meet along the way with each one linking to the next one to ultimately achieve the end result. In our modern society that ‘end result’ so often seems to be lots of nice shiny possessions, a stack of money, a family and a successful career, usually meaning that you have people in your command or, at least, that you are seen as being superior, in some way, to others around you. Putting you in a position where you can enjoy ‘the finer things in life’. As you achieve these things and climb higher up the ladder it is easy to start looking at those ‘below’ you as needing your guidance to try to get to where you are. This is great for the people who do aspire to be like you. They will love your input and guidance to help them along but the danger is that you start to assume that everyone aspires to be where you are. Or worse still, that you can convince those who don’t think like you do that they should.

As we evolve I think we are starting to see now that powerful people are, often, just normal people lucky enough to fall into privileged positions. They achieve their life goals much more easily because of their enhanced starting point and often already have positions of power waiting for them when they come of age. Because of this, they don’t necessarily deserve their position through any kind of merit and the way that they play their position will make this strikingly clear. You then end up with a situation of resentment from those below as they feel decisions are being made on their behalf by people who don’t really know what they are doing. They are simply enjoying the spoils they have been given, trying their best to look the part and expecting respect without ever having earned it. The royal family is a classic example of this phenomenon. They still seem to just spend their days shaking people’s hands and making public appearances. Not a massive contribution to the bettering of mankind is it? And yet they are still driven around in luxury cars with a team of security personnel keeping them safe and have huge publicly funded residences and powerful positions in society. We need to start looking at people in power and their motives and reasons for being there.

We have been led to believe that we need leaders but I think giving too much power to one individual is always going to be a recipe for corruption. The temptation at that level is too strong. We certainly need innovators, inventors, thinkers and pioneers to push things forward and better our plight but I am not convinced that we need leaders, as such. Modern civilised society can run quite well without hierarchy. I’m convinced of it. There is no need for us all to answer to a single leader we need input and debate from many sources and there is no need for a single definitive solution to each problem. Different problems in different places require tailored solutions not just a list of rules to follow that are generated miles away by people who have ENTIRELY different lifestyles and viewpoints to the majority of those they are trying to lead and especially not from those who are trying to feather their own nests with corruption and greed at the expense those they are leading.

Author: simonpcowels

I'm not Simon Cowell.

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